CO2 Refills

CO2 Refills

SodaStream Swap & Go Available

Quickly and easily swap your SodaStream gas bottles in store. PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SWAP OR FILL ‘QUICK CONNECT’ SODASTREAM BOTTLES.

Swap & Go your SodaStream gas for $12.50.

Beer kegs require CO2

At Crafted Taste Brewing Supplies North Lakes, we offer CO2 cylinder refills 7 days a week. We are unable to refill rental cylinders, damaged/out of date cylinders, cylinders with a capacity greater than 6kg or partially full cylinders*.

We can refill your cylinder while you wait** or you can drop it off and pick it up at your convenience.

* Cylinders with residual CO2 will be emptied prior to filling.

** Please note that during busy times it may not be possible to refill your cylinder immediately and that there may be a delay.

CO2 For Your Aquarium & Aquascapes

Need CO2 cylinder refills for your aquarium or aquascape? We can refill your cylinders while you wait**.

CO2 Cylinder Sales

Need a replacement or a spare CO2 cylinder? We also stock brand new, ready to go 450gm, 2.6kg & 6.0kg cylinders and compatible regulators.

CO2 used in aquariums